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Storage Solutions

In process of creating solution for IT infrastructure, storage solution takes central place and it should be paid special attention to it. All of the modern data centers demand:

Storage Solutions
  • Centralizing storage solution with high level performances and integrated capabilities
  • Ease of capacity upgrade without complex long lasting actions
  • Resistance of failure
  • Possibility to optimize usage of accessible capacities
  • Possibility to provide safety for data
  • Possibility to assure fast and reliable back-up and restore procedure

According to this, it is obvious that storage solution has key place in modern IT infrastructure. Therefore it is very important to treat it with special attention considering the challenging demands that are expected from IT infrastructure. Even more, demands for storage capacities are increasing every day, so predicted demands of capacities are 1TB per person.

SAN (Storage Area Network) storage solutions are technologies that have reached its full maturity. Most of the high demanding storage solutions are based on SAN technologies which now has 8GB/port controller transfer power. Storage Solutions Advantages of this solution is that storage network (SAN) is separated from LAN network and it serves the only as a storage network based on FC (Fibre Channel). This solution is performed and uses specific infrastructure as well as usage of FC or SAS or other lower performance disks. However this solution is more expensive comparing to other solutions which empower the space in which the SAN system governed.

IP Storage solutions are imposing as solutions that can be used without any limitation instead of SAN solution. This solution imposes it self, as the excellent choice, as the level of LAN resource are rising and because of appearance of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE). Simply IP storage is serious solution and must be taken in consideration in process of storage solution design. As prove leading storage vendors (EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp, etc) already made IP products that are competing SAN market.