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Server platforms are very important part of IT infrastructure solution. However, in designing solutions for IT infrastructure as well for server platform, firstly, business demand must be precisely defined as well as technologies which secure the solution. Based on that, all of the IT solutions and solutions for server platforms are designed. Of course, besides the required business demands, expertise of IT staff and knowledge about latest advanced IT technologies is very important.

Server Platform

RISC technology server platforms still take important place in large IT systems that have large users base, demand complex and efficient calculations, processing large number of authorization transaction with credit cards or with global systems. IT systems that have been developed on this technology take important part, therefore it is simpler to continue with the same technology than invest in migration solutions of open systems.

Server platforms x868 are major platform for small and medium business, but today this platform equally serves as the main IT platform in a corporate and large scale businesses. Standardization of these platforms enables possibility to use servers from the different vendors without influence on the application level. These platforms are developing very fast and they are not much behind RISC platforms. Capacity of these platforms is overcoming requirements of the majority applications, and average host usage is about 5% to 15%. So virtualization is the technology which overcomes this gap and enables optimal usage of the servers more than 80%.

Blade Server Technologies is implemented frequently as solution for server's platform. This technology provides consolidation of resources in datacenter, reducing the complexity of data center, consolidating servers, networks, storage resources as well as resources of power supply. This technology optimizes administrator resource, and reduces changes for human error. Leading vendors are already using this technology and it has reached maturity, therefore it can be avoided in process of designing data center and creating solutions for server's platform.