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Server Room

Server room design is the first step and condition for creation of good IT infrastructure. It is essential to organize the space in data center. This space must meet specific requisites that are very strict.

Server Room

Some of the requisites are:

  • IT equipment has to be secured and available 24/7
  • The space itself has to be big enough to accommodate the equipment and extra space for farther development of data center for period of 10 years
  • It is desirable that raised floor is a part of solution which assures adequate condition for power supply, cooling and networking.

Power supply has to be planed to satisfy long terms needs, taking in account running needs and farther development of data center. Redundant resources of power supply can also be that part of solution. Supply through UPS is certainly a part of solution, which has to satisfy needed, installed power as well as needed autonomy. A reserve supply by independent generator is surely a solution in many projects.

Cooling and air conditioning have to assure adequate temperature and humidity of ambient as well as terminate presence of micro particles. The redundancy is surely the important solution. The capacity of equipment for cooling depends on equipment that is installed and planned dynamic of development, of data center. Green data center more frequently uses fresh air for air conditioner, what for result have significant energy saving and reduction on CO2 emission.