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Networking & Communication

Current development in IT depends in many ways of development of networking infrastructure, and it can be said that it is one of the branches with high growth. We witness that developed network infrastructures converts every home or hotel, even park or beach into working place.


Frequently we hear the expression ‘cloud computing ‘that has become a reality. Good networking infrastructure enables usage of IT service as the one we use today such as mobile telephone, TV, electricity using principle plug-use-pay.

Routing & switching make technologies that assure connection. Accordingly, addressed information which computer displayed on network (MAC address, IP address), networking equipment (switches and routers) accurately send forward information to the computer with access to internet.

Unified communication technologies are result of integration of computer and telephone networking. Unified communication mean simple networking communication based on IP protocol as well as IP communication equipment that will be used in variety types of communication (telephone, video call, SMS, MMS, e-mail, fax, instant messaging).

Data center networking is special field of networking because data center contains the largest part of information of one company. In data center are placed servers which present us that information in the way that are accustomed in our daily work. In data center solution follow the trends and go towards virtualization, integration SAN and LAN networking, and 10GbE.

Wireless technologies provide us with networking, without using cords. In order for high quality of wireless links it is necessary:

  • To analyze the area
  • To define transfer points where the wireless equipment will be positioned
  • To check whether the frequencies that we will use are occupied

Safety of wireless communication, performance of equipment that is working accordingly to new 802.11n standard (300 Mbps) as well as possibility of setting quality of service, provide with usage of wireless LAN network not only for access to wired LAN network but also for transmission of voice and video through wireless.

Security is no longer about ‘products’. For good security solution, first of all we must establish security policies which clearly define how company’s information can be kept safe. Qualitative realization of security solution means collaboration of all security elements and possibility of all elements that take part in security solution can adapt quickly to new attacks.

Three basic technologies are:

  • VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Threats and attacks control (Firewall, IPS, and Security end point)
  • Authentication and Authorization

Intelligent building in based on the networking technologies integrating all services on the same IP protocol. It integrates number of technologies which are treated under one umbrella. Starting with IP video, IP telephony, IP access control, IP audio system, IP lighting control, IP heating and cooling and many other present and incoming technologies become part of one technology. All this services change traditional way of design and bring optimized solution.