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Cloud Computing Solution

Cloud Computing Solution (CC) introduces new phase in the development of IT infrastructure and services. Synergy that CC brings is result of combined influence of .

  • large number of inexpensive and standardized hardware components;
  • virtual infrastructure and sophisticated tools for its management;
  • new way of IT service and software delivering over internet)
  • new economic model (pay-per-use)
Cloud Computing

In the center of this concept is automation of the IT operations and economy of volume (simultanious usage of a same physical infrastructure by the large number of users). Saving which CC bring to its users starts from three times less investments, and could reach seveenfold (!) by large service providers.

If all technical and economic advantages of CC are to be exploited. It is necessary that provider of services guarantees and realizes uncompromising security of users and their data, as well as continuity of the IT operations.

Being aware of all advantages of CC solutions, which are offered to our present and future customers, Master Technologies LLC dedicated to build first CC infrastructure in Serbia and surrounding region until the end of this year and to start with commercial usage of the built infrastructure.

Master Technologies LLC´s CC infrastructure consist of high-end components which guarantees high availability, safety, and economy of usage: VMware vSphere platform for CC, HP Blade servers, NetApp storage systems, Cisco network eequipment, Microsoft OS, Linux, SQL Server etc.

CC Services will be delivered in few forms:

  • Saas (Software as a Service) - pre-created software solutions (applications)
  • Paas (Platform as a Service) - platforms for software development
  • Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) - infrastructure services (servers)
  • Daas (Desktop as a Service) - virtual desktop machines
cloud computing solutions

Advantages which Master Technologies LLC ´s CC infrastructure offers to users are:

  • Savings in phase of investment (start of CC services usage without initial investments!)
  • Reservation of additional resources in the moments of peek activities of user's infrastructure
  • Testing and training by request or by principle of self services
  • Cheap ssolution for Disaster Recovery
  • Cheap and safe reserve copies of data and archiving
  • Access to user's own cooperative data from anywhere and anytime
  • and much more

Technologies Developed for the need of a public Cloud, Coming is implementing in customers own environment in the form of Private Cloud. Simultaneously, bringing into compliance customers public and private solutions will enable mobility of services and data between these infrastructures. If customers miss the opportunity to redesign their infrastructure, by these principals, risk to become isolated islands of closed and expensive solutions.

Because of these we are inviting you to take part together with us in fulfillment of CC vision.